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Tenga Flip Lite Melty White

Tenga Flip Lite Melty White
Item# tenga-flip-lite-melty-white

Product Description

The most stylish masturbator line has a new model. TENGA Flip Lite is the sequel product to their popular FLIP HOLE and FLIP HOLE Black. This is the Melty White version of Flip Lite.

TENGA Flip Lite combines the easy to use size of TENGA's cup size with the easy to clean and drying innovation of FLIP HOLE. One air pressure button is all it takes to customized your experience with the Flip Lite. You will also find that washing is simplifies due to it's side flip design. Drying is just as easy by simply hanging it on its brace after wash. External hard case of the Flip Lite make it easy to grip during use. Made from Japanese medical grade material, Flip Lite's material is very safe to your skin. Only TENGA products can bring you this unique combination of quality, functionality, sensation, and style. Now the only question left is are you ready for the future of masturbation?

This version is the Melty White model. Like other TENGA "White" series, it offers a softer sensation than its Solid Black counterpart. Both versions of Flip Lite is very tight and not recommended for people with more than 4.75 in girth.